4 reasons people prefer Vacation Rentals


Space, space and even more more space!

A vacation rental has a lot more space than a typical hotel room and so it is the ideal lodge for family reunions and friends get-together. Multi generational families can come closer and still everybody can have its own private space to slip away whenever he fells like it.


No dinning rooms, no lounges, no lobbies, no reception desks! You do not need to wake up early in the morning to reserve a place by the pool. No fighting over a table with view by the terrace. The whole place and its amenities  are just for you to enjoy.

Pet friendly

If you are a pet owner, you definitely know how hard it is to find accommodation where you can bring your dog or cat. Most vacation rentals are pet friendly and so they give you the opportunity to spend your holiday with your animal friends. In a pet friendly location you can save the money for pet hotels, too.


In most vacation rentals you can find washers. If you are a parent of young children, then you know that no matter how much luggage you bring with you, it’s never enough. But with a washer at your vacation rental, a quick load during your stay will help you get your kids clothes clean to carry on for the duration of your trip.

Vacation rentals make your holiday stays feel more like home. Why  would you prefer a vacation rental over a hotel?


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