Hiking in Halkidiki


Overwhelmed by nature’s marvelous landscapes, Halkidiki is definitely one of the most inspired places in Greece for unique holidays. Lush greenery everywhere, breathtaking rock formations, secluded beaches and the infinite blue of the northwestern Aegean Sea, they all compose the idyllic scenery for travelers of the world. For adventure seekers and for those who love nature, hiking in Halkidiki offers magical experiences. If you wish to breathe in fresh air, overlooking the fabulous environment, Halkidiki is waiting to enchant you!

The whole region of Halkidiki is splendid and will steal your heart away, as you wander through the stone pathways and explore nature. Especially the first peninsula of Halkidiki is the absolute masterpiece, which will fascinate you and take you by surprise. Kassandra Peninsula is exceptional for hikers, discovering hidden gems of the natural environment. Under the warm sunlight, you take in all the aromas, flavors and images of nature without anything artificial or fake. Everything is genuine and authentic, with hiking trails that you can follow and reach unknown destinations of incomparable beauty.

Hiking and walking to the local villages, the picturesque settlements of Halkidiki, is pure magic. At the village of Polychrono you are invited to stroll up and down, admiring the traditional stone houses and discovering one of the most wonderful wetlands in Greece. Lake Mavrompara is a great place for the rare species of terrapins to grow, which is another marvel of nature that hikers will witness. Sani is an equally wonderful area to explore, with special fauna and flora that makes the scenery even more alluring. At the village of Hanioti, you can reach the top and gaze at the distance, feeling utter serenity and bliss as you become a part of nature yourself. Of course, there are places in the rest of Halkidiki that are worth exploring via hiking. Sithonia and Athos, as well as Cholomontas Mountain, celebrate nature and provide hiking trails of unparalleled beauty.


You do not need to be an experienced hiker to enjoy the trails in Halkidiki. On the contrary, there are routes that you can follow, ideal for new hikers. More difficult paths are suggested for those who have already become familiar with the activity of hiking. After all, there are guided tours that you can follow and visit all the natural surroundings in complete safety. Admire the emerald waters from above and take photos of the spectacular places you visit, always complying with the instructions given to you by the seasoned local hikers. Early in the morning, the panoramic vistas to the Aegean are heart-capturing. At sunset you feel the romantic aura surrounding you, along with the vivid colors of orange, pink and red in the sky.

For a truly magnificent experience in Halkidiki, surrender to the enchantment of hiking trails and unfold the beauties that lie behind the spotlight. All the small details in nature’s perfection, the coastline of Halkidiki highlighted from up high, the invigorating environment that lifts you up and inspires you to go on, these are experiences of a lifetime. Schedule your hiking tours in Halkidiki and explore one of the world’s loveliest places!


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