Nightlife in Halkidiki


Halkidiki is no Faliraki nor Malia, which, by the way, have cleaned up their act in recent years. Having said that, the nightlife factor in Halkidiki is comparable to that of Mykonos, the west and central peninsula being where most people from nearby Thessaloniki spend their summer holidays.

That means you have to mix with the locals, who enjoy a reputation of knowing how to party and be prepared for fancy clubs, dj sets by world renown dj’s, posh cars and somewhat higher prices.

Almost every club lies next to a beach making the background of night fun idyllic. The most popular shores actually feature more than one club, beach bar or all day cafe-bar. Kallithea and Neos Marmaras, to be exact, attract the crowds, being the centre of summer life in Halkidiki.

“Spitaki”, for instance, is one the most popular open air nightclubs in Kallithea and it’s famous for quality cocktails, which by the way enjoy a massive revival in Greek nightlife. Spitaki attracts the young, the restless and obviously the cocktail lovers, while being one the less pretentious places with it’s thanks to its Cyclades influenced design.

“Angels”, also in Kallithea, is mostly about hardcore beats with a sea breeze cooling the club goers face when the bpm exceed the modest 110. This is the heart of the region’s nightlife, expect to spend the night with star athletes and the celebrity crowd. No wonder, famous Dj’s spin their records here every summer on a seasonal residence.


“Oinochoe” is actually the wine jar in ancient Greek so no need for a wild guess… it’s a wine bar. It’s something new to Afytos and Halkidiki but like we said gastronomy, cocktails and insightful wine consumption enjoy a renaissance. It’s only sweet irony that that an ancient wine jar, an actual oinochoe, was found during excavations in a nearby site.

As for newcomer “Sushi”, the name might be confusing since it’s actually an all day bar that turns to a nightclub. The music volume goes up, djs parading on the decks, crowd dancing and time stops.

“Nono” in Pefkohori is a club with a creative side to it, organising music and art events. Should you wish to see how the Greeks blow off steam go to a Greek Friday. If not steer clear of Fridays and go there on a Saturday.

“Ahoy” is one of the most sought after clubs in the region, offering clubbing Ibiza style. The latest trends in dance music, only a fair amount of mainstream hits, hot dj’s, high bpm, high decibels, fat beats.

“Opal” in Skala Fourka offers a different perspective mixing dance music with soul and disco making things somewhat friendlier to +25 age categories. They also serve cocktails with a rotating menu that changes every 10 days.

“Afros Bar” is a bar, a welcome change of scenery in Halkidikis’ nightlife and a gay friendly place too. Start your day with some freshly ground espresso, have a refreshing ice cream in the afternoon, try more as many cocktails as you can in the night.

If there is one thing you should know about “Kahlua” is that is one of the older clubs going back some thirty years. So these guys must be doing something spectacularly right, i.e. organising live gigs with young artists.

“Vento” in Afytos ads food to the equation offering coffee, spirits, cocktails and finger food. Make sure you don’t miss the signs leading there, you could get seriously lost.

“Mystique” is the typical hybrid between a bar and a club. You don’t have to endure extreme decibels or stand like a stick in the mud while having a drink. It’s the ideal place to meet people, have a few drinks, have a few laughs and breeze past midnight when things get wild.

Do try the following as well:

  • “Peponaki-Karpouzaki”: Cafe-bar at Sarti
  • “Senso”: Cafe-bar at Neos Marmaras
  • “Remezzo”: Cocktail bar-cafe at Nikiti
  • “Angels Club”: Club at Kallithea
  • “Pomegranate club” at Pomegranate Hotel Nea Potidaia
  • “Club Circo”: Nightclub at Kallithea
  • “Pearl Club”: Nightclub at Kallithea

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